Obviously, Shes Lost Control

You hijack my mind still
It's aggressive and constant
Like a bare handed slap
On nubile unweathered flesh
But I don't write you anymore
The words stopped coming

A girl who's heart is wanton
Posts on Craigs now
She writes sexy poems
For her lost lover
I can't help but feel for her
I feel every tear, I hear every cry
I know her heart,  she's broken

I read now for her
Shouting out into the ether
Skewered soul desperate for resolve
I'd take it away for her if I could

I remember the crush of it all
It took months upon an eon
I felt you in everything,
saw you eternal
Love is of no consequence
Feelings are ephemeral
My love for cost me a fortune

And I wonder what her love has costed her
Does he know she's tortured
Does he deign to?

I posted to her
"to the priestess with love"

This was more for her
than for you because
Shes Lost control