No Milk

Theres always
a specific moment when
you look back and you see,
that there was in fact
a fork in the road,
and you made a choice
whether consciously
or subconsciously that 
lead you to the very moment that changed you. 

Its a definitive marker,
a pre war post war, 
hobbled piece of
scorched earth 
where everything changed 

you let go of whatever
metaphorical handlebars you held onto
and you just
rode until you crashed.

You look at the worlds cruelty
and vitriol thrown your way
as a personal affront 
instead of the only penultimate constance
you can count on in this life.

and you use it as arsonal 
as the greatest scapegoat ever slaughtered
andwage a war upon yourself.

The dark is cloaked in the warmest of robes
sumptuous in its numbness
It mentally envelopes you 
in a thick cloudy slumber 
that you demand to continue and cease at once

The sadness is the ark
of your weaponry, 
your ambivalence 
the only ambition needed. 

Youve a taken
temporary sebattical 
from your senses, 
a vacation from
a moment in time 
all too wrife 
with ruthlessness
for your palate 
a precarious 
teeter totter with danger.

Youve tread out too far before

*Micha Darling
One of my original "CL BC" postJuly 2015