Hell is Round the Corner, Lurking

Everything about you
was captivating

charmingly golden...

Your eyes though..
your eyes encapsulate
Entire oceans
washed out cerulean creamsiclesÂ
dancing to a pasa doble
I swam out
And crashed in the waves
of those eyes, pulling me out
With the tide, merciless as ever
Time and time again

If one were to ask
If one were to force me to convey
In a word

You were simply
With the most gorgeous lies

I admit this
Even after the demise
In the humblest horrors of truth
Even after I sank
like focused quicksand

From the entire spanse of
To the fully realized experience
Of the cruelest heartbreak
After I let go and drifted in the dark abyss

I still would say...
Even the way your lies shone
Like blistering content on my face
I'd still say
The way I loved you made me better
Whether you ever loved me or not
Whether it was all lies
Whether you were actually true
And simply retreated from fear

It's of little regard
It's of no regard
All there is is what's left
In my heart, engraved
The only truth I know
About what was us
Is what's in my heart

Even though you were untrue
And I was just a placeholder
Something warm
to distract your heart
while you waited
for the one you loved.

Intoxicating, still
With the most gorgeous lies


An excerpt from "to all the broken hearted" by Micha Darling