Blue In Green Lighting

And whats completely crazy
What is the kicker in this whole thing is

Id do it all with you again
Id fall and swoon and eyelash flutter
Id fidget and fret and twitch
Trying to get it just right
Reduced to a giggling girl
Complete with googly eyes
For you

Even now, my heart shredded
So heavy with the blatant morose
That only a battered heart can carry
Even now, when Ive just been able
To quantify the whole thing
In my still woefully confused mind
Id do it all again.

The way you smile in the morningn
Every beautiful lie
The air crackled, crisp and electric
Everytime I was with you
You made me feel like iridescent molasses

Id take every beautiful lie again
Id let you sell me on us
Id close my eyes to obvious deceptions
Id happily let that lie fill my void
Id do it all again

If my heart was in charge
Im so glad its not
Tis a pity though

I loved everything about you.