You Linger

I brushed my skull
Frantic and needless
Mohawked peach fuzz
Occupying half my head
I remember hoping you like it
Like it...sounds so strange

Immediate glistening
Perspiring at the very thought
I strode in your direction

There was something
Who can describe that something
How do you quantify it
I felt this surge cell of light
White and sweet,  pulsate through me
Our gaze was every corny thing
From every cheesy song
In every stupid lovesick movie
I was immediately drunk on you
Yes I had other loves
But you permeated my heart
In such a way
The sadness shocks me


on the outside

I still can only write
If it feels like I'm writing to you
I was always wishing he as you

It was unfair 
An unforseeable cruelty
I'd spare him
But alas... Time 

He tried to cage a bird

Is that why I loved you
you didn't encroach
Self possession always glitters

You're luminescent as ever


Theres No Ceremony

I always found you...fascinating
this book is being written
you encouraged it
you're now a fucking plot point

a plot point.

the juxtaposition isn't lost on me
neither is the irony

why didn't you just say
"I fell in love with a girl"

how did we become enemies

reading the hundreds of texts
and all the emails

all of our photos together
naughty and nice

how did I not know
that you were completely
using me in her absence

I would ask you but
you won't be mature and
just have a conversation
with someone that cared

would've wished you well
and all this. magnificent melodrama
could have been avoided

I always wish you well

No Milk

Theres always
a specific moment when
you look back and you see,
that there was in fact
a fork in the road,
and you made a choice
whether consciously
or subconsciously that 
lead you to the very moment that changed you. 

Its a definitive marker,
a pre war post war, 
hobbled piece of
scorched earth 
where everything changed 

you let go of whatever
metaphorical handlebars you held onto
and you just
rode until you crashed.

You look at the worlds cruelty
and vitriol thrown your way
as a personal affront 
instead of the only penultimate constance
you can count on in this life.

and you use it as arsonal 
as the greatest scapegoat ever slaughtered
andwage a war upon yourself.

The dark is cloaked in the warmest of robes
sumptuous in its numbness
It mentally envelopes you 
in a thick cloudy slumber 
that you demand to continue and cease at once

The sadness is the ark
of your weaponry, 
your ambivalence 
the only ambition needed. 

Youve a taken
temporary sebattical 
from your senses, 
a vacation from
a moment in time 
all too wrife 
with ruthlessness
for your palate 
a precarious 
teeter totter with danger.

Youve tread out too far before

*Micha Darling
One of my original "CL BC" postJuly 2015

A Kangaroo

My love for you is such
that all at once I want
everything in the world
that is divine for you
while never wanting
to grace your presence ever again.
The gods should be kind
and shield my from your cruelly handsome visage forever...

I thought I saw you today
It was soul crushing


Blue In Green Lighting

And whats completely crazy
What is the kicker in this whole thing is

Id do it all with you again
Id fall and swoon and eyelash flutter
Id fidget and fret and twitch
Trying to get it just right
Reduced to a giggling girl
Complete with googly eyes
For you

Even now, my heart shredded
So heavy with the blatant morose
That only a battered heart can carry
Even now, when Ive just been able
To quantify the whole thing
In my still woefully confused mind
Id do it all again.

The way you smile in the morningn
Every beautiful lie
The air crackled, crisp and electric
Everytime I was with you
You made me feel like iridescent molasses

Id take every beautiful lie again
Id let you sell me on us
Id close my eyes to obvious deceptions
Id happily let that lie fill my void
Id do it all again

If my heart was in charge
Im so glad its not
Tis a pity though

I loved everything about you.


Hell is Round the Corner, Lurking

Everything about you
was captivating

charmingly golden...

Your eyes though..
your eyes encapsulate
Entire oceans
washed out cerulean creamsiclesÂ
dancing to a pasa doble
I swam out
And crashed in the waves
of those eyes, pulling me out
With the tide, merciless as ever
Time and time again

If one were to ask
If one were to force me to convey
In a word

You were simply
With the most gorgeous lies

I admit this
Even after the demise
In the humblest horrors of truth
Even after I sank
like focused quicksand

From the entire spanse of
To the fully realized experience
Of the cruelest heartbreak
After I let go and drifted in the dark abyss

I still would say...
Even the way your lies shone
Like blistering content on my face
I'd still say
The way I loved you made me better
Whether you ever loved me or not
Whether it was all lies
Whether you were actually true
And simply retreated from fear

It's of little regard
It's of no regard
All there is is what's left
In my heart, engraved
The only truth I know
About what was us
Is what's in my heart

Even though you were untrue
And I was just a placeholder
Something warm
to distract your heart
while you waited
for the one you loved.

Intoxicating, still
With the most gorgeous lies


An excerpt from "to all the broken hearted" by Micha Darling

Channeling Free Bird

Sad Girls Love Morrissey

So Blue
Your eyes are a weapon
washed out Prussian

God youre beautiful...
Im forgetting about
Your butchery of my heart
With every changing tide
You are as magnificent
As your ambivalence

Such a see you next Tuesday though.
A colossal C U Next Tuesday
But such is my heart
Bonds with low breeding

I never wear color,
why bother with sunshine wrapped on limbs
Mystery black
a probable cliche
Circle might get the square,
My dear Watson.
Sad girl
Joy Division Jacket and
boots worn thin as her smile.
We wear our uniform with pride.

Sad girls love Morrissey
Sighing inside.
Adoring the pain.

From "to all the broken hearted" Micha Darling

Cherish The Day Happened

They think about you too

You were like a sandstorm
Of rainbow bubbles
 in the summertime to the once

They thought about you first
They wondered about you
They dreamt of you
They were transfixed,
Run awok with childlike wonder
For you

They twirled like children til dizzy
Just being in your presence
They anticipated you
 with such a a distracted Fury
thought streams taken over
all correlations led back to you

You bewitched them so
May it be of even tiny comfort
They still think about you too

An excerpt from "to all the broken hearted" by Micha Darling

Obviously, Shes Lost Control

You hijack my mind still
It's aggressive and constant
Like a bare handed slap
On nubile unweathered flesh
But I don't write you anymore
The words stopped coming

A girl who's heart is wanton
Posts on Craigs now
She writes sexy poems
For her lost lover
I can't help but feel for her
I feel every tear, I hear every cry
I know her heart,  she's broken

I read now for her
Shouting out into the ether
Skewered soul desperate for resolve
I'd take it away for her if I could

I remember the crush of it all
It took months upon an eon
I felt you in everything,
saw you eternal
Love is of no consequence
Feelings are ephemeral
My love for cost me a fortune

And I wonder what her love has costed her
Does he know she's tortured
Does he deign to?

I posted to her
"to the priestess with love"

This was more for her
than for you because
Shes Lost control